Prior to his 4th consecutive sold-out show at Levitate Backyard, a chat with the one and only G.Love.

Labor Day weekend consisted of a quadruple header for G.Love, who along with drummer Chuck Trecee, rocked the Levitate Backyard in Marshfield, MA. A great friend to Artist Waves over the years, G sat with me five minutes before taking the stage. Over our shoulders we could see the crowd roaring with anticipation. In the spirit of his endless creativity, on the table next to us sat an empty setlist that simply read, “Levitate Marshfield, September 5th”.   

During our conversation, G.Love takes us through his process of literally creating his setlist (via graffiti). It’s an approach that usually starts with an idea of what two or three songs to start with, and then allowing the feel of the crowd to influence the way from there. The result – a unique evening (and graffiti art) for all in attendance. 

Through our pre-game chat we also spoke of G.Love’s Grammy Nomination past year, entering the NFT space and new music on the way! Check it out.


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