An explanation of how 17 songs pushed me to my latest single

By choosing the records for the Groove Electric playlist, I wanted to give people a taste of what inspired my new record, ‘Shiny Car’.

There is a cross-pollination of influence from 80’s, Top 40 and cuts that lie more-so in New Wave territory. There’s also a definitive rhythmic influence from the Soul and Afrobeat on the playlist.

Many times, a song is born out of one tiny aspect of a record. Something as small as the tempo or key signature. All of the above are frequent influences for past and future creations for the records I make for my project. I hope you thoroughly enjoy these selections at home or on the move.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve compiled an oasis of groove driven 70s — 80s records with a few contemporary tracks. All focused on the groove, the song and the signature production from this time period. Many of these tracks inspire the records I make for my project. Enjoy Groove Electric.

Gary Neuman — “Cars”

The essence of this song inspired my record “Fantasy”, which is forthcoming off my new EP Tangerine. I dig the melody arrangement the track has doubling the vocal in the A section. The synthesizer work is really brilliant on this.

When In Rome — “The Promise”

I was introduced to the song via the Sturgill Simpson version. I like aspects of his version more, for instance the vocal performance, but the original is so perfectly 80s and has a very song-centered arrangement.

William Onyeabor — “Atomic Bomb”

I’m a big fan of this artist. Tasteful, inventive, funky and raw. Love his sensibility and style. This is more of a head nodder. His upbeat stuff great, too.

Gwen Guthrie — “ It Should Have Been You”

Early 80s, funky 118bpm! Summer vibes. Music is supposed to feel good.

George Benson — “Give Me The Night”

Rod Temperton’s flawless sensibility will never cease to amaze. Killer groove, undeniably great record.

College & Electric Youth — “A Real Hero”

You may know this from the movie Drive. Bulletproof lyric and the minimalism. Great song.

Vincent John — “Shiny Car”

The latest from yours truly.

Photo by: Ty Steidle

The War On Drugs — “Under The Pressure”

Philly’s own! Love the sounds on this LP.

Alex Cameron — “Mongrel”

Classic New Wave vibes in a modern, minimal context. Sweet track.

Pet Shop Boys — “West End Girls”

One of the best songs from this genre / era!

Curtis Mayfield — “Love Me, Love Me Now”

I’m a big Curtis fan but wasn’t aware of this 1980 LP until recently. Great songs, incredibly tight grooves, really flawless production. Great drum sound on this one. Super dry and tight. Post Disco Soul masterpiece.

Hall & Oates — “Kiss On My List”

The song, the vocal arrangement, the groove.. everything is so solid. Pop masters forever!

Gwen McCrae — “Keep the Fire Burning”

A Willie Hutch production. Top notch groove. Keep the fire burning!!

David Bowie — “Let’s Dance”

Who doesn’t love Bowie?

CAN — “Don’t Say No”

I’m more familiar with German Psych Rock band Can’s earlier stuff. Got this LP recently and am just entranced by it- especially the drumming.

Prince — “Kiss”

I love hearing the 60’s Doo-wop in Princes work, in his freaky new school electrified and signature manner. So many good Prince songs, this is just the one that came to me first for the playlist.

Bruce Springsteen — “Streets Of Philadelphia”

Winding down with a sad and beautiful one from The Boss. Thanks for listening to Groove Electric.

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