Somewhere out there — Art Inspires as Artists are Inspired

Chicago USA (Photo:Michael Young)

You’ve heard it. Considering current events, there is a possibility that you have heard it lately. “Turbulent times = great music” or a variation of that saying. I’ve never quite completely believed that. I tend to lean towards “Great musicians=great music”.

Street Art in Amsterdam (Photo-Michael Young)

Before you jump all over me, I happen to agree. Without a doubt, history shows a big uptick on the artistic measuring stick when government/politics/economics all CLASH with a large portion of society.

Chicago USA — (Photo: Michael Young)

Not just music, but many forms of art can inspire and uplift people during “turbulent times”. It can lead to conversation, thought, new ideas, invention, or even fuel for those that feel their voice is not being heard.

The relationship works both ways. Stories of average people taking action in society, fighting for themsleves and others, equally inspire and uplift artists to reach for that little extra creativeness. That little bit of magic that separates good art from timeless art.

Art can bring people together from all corners of the world- The Louvre — Paris (Photo-Michael Young)

Paris (Photo-Michael Young)

The give and take relationship between society and artists can be found throughout human history. Each using the other to rise above, to be better, to do more. To help change the world…

Van Gogh Self Portrait — on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Photo-Michael Young)

Somewhere out there, in a dumpy garage, some young kids are picking up instruments for the first time, banging them around. They’re pissing off the neighbors, learning, pissing off the neighbors more.

Somewhere out there, young bands are learning play shows in towns they never heard of or dreamed of visiting, they’re meeting people of all kinds, and being influenced along the way.

If we’re lucky…somewhere out there…the stars will align just right, then just maybe, somewhere out there pissing off the neighbors or learning how to survive on the road is next Dylan, Strummer, Cobain, Patti Smith or John Lennon…. To help light the path a little, to guide us through those Turbulent Times.

LINK- Prophets of Rage

Above & Below images taken at Un Seen Art Fair


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