photo by: Lyle Owerko

Watch: Fantastic Negrito Perform an Intimate Version of

“Dark Windows”

In 2016, Fantastic Negrito toured the world, opening for Chris Cornell on his solo Higher Truth tour. Along the way, they became friends, and Negrito credits Cornell as someone who has inspired him deeply, telling Artist Waves in 2017, “He was my teacher in many ways. He was also my biggest supporter. The biggest lesson Chris Cornell taught me was that no matter what position you are in, being a loving, giving person was most important.”

Later that year, Fantastic Negrito became the only artist to open for the legendary super-group Temple of the Dog on each stop of their North American tour, paying tribute to the 25th anniversary of their only (classic) record. 

photo by: Paul Lorkowski

The paying respect would continue over recent years with Fantastic Negrito saluting Cornell during his Grammy acceptance and with a stunning song called “Dark Windows” on his latest record, Please Don’t Be Dead.

As part of our #TogetherAtHome series, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Fantastic Negrito, who here, performs a beautiful solo version of “Dark Windows”.  

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