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Art by: Scott Soeder

Welcome to 311 week on Artist Waves.

311 recently celebrated 27 years strong — with all five original members. The band’s full ride is one of immense creativity and honesty, that ultimately has home-brewed a movement and way of life amongst their faithful hive. On Friday the 23rd, they release their 12th record, MOSAIC. In tribute and celebration, we have one unique feature per day.

Part 2: We take a look at some of 311’s most inspiring lyrics. Not an easy task with a band that drives off a foundation of unity and positive energy. How do you pull just 10 lyrics from an entire movement? What I noticed when looking at the final list was telling — albums from throughout their catalog are represented, and the inspiring lyrics come in all shapes and sizes — some in form of an entire song and some in just four words.

Art by: Diana Ellie Vin

“My Stoney Baby” — The fish who keeps on swimming is the first to chill upstream.

“All Mixed Up” — You’ve got to trust your instinct and let go of regret. You’ve got to bet on yourself now star ’cause that’s your best bet.

Art by: Jeremy Hamar

“From Chaos” — From chaos comes clarity.

“Come Original” — The whole damn song

Art by: Rick Vodicka

“Amber” — Nothing good comes easily, sometimes you gotta fight.

“Don’t Tread on Me” — Some days it seems it’s not worth it, the fight in me is all gone. And I’m not trying to be perfect, but just get one damn thing done. Before I lose control, I pick myself off the floor.

Art by: Scott Soeder

“It’s Alright” — It’s alright, wherever you are right now. I tell you it’s alright, that’s where you’re supposed to be now.”

“Jackpot” — Reside west coast from the Midwest, take what ya like and fuck all the rest man. We only enter in one contest that we made up ourselves that’s to be the Three Eleven-est.

Art by: Scott Soeder

“Get Down” — It’s time to get down, boots to the ground. No, I won’t stop ’til I hear the bell sound. Keep your head up ‘cuz the truth just cut. No quick fix when your caught in a rut.

“Too Late” — The river cuts its way through stone. Not through sheer force, but persistence. At the end of the day the relentless always win.

~Stay positive and love your life~

Catch 311 on tour this summer, starting June 22nd in Cleveland, OH.

311 Week Part 1: Interview with Pnut

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