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Our Journey to Mad Bunny and Riders in the Stardust Gold.

By: The Cush

Fort Worth, Texas native’s The Cush, have kicked off 2021 with a bang. The release of their 6th record this spring also serves as a new beginning for the band. The Cush released their first single “Haters” in January as newly signed artists to Ben Harper’s label Mad Bunny Records.

Continuing their pursuit of new sounds the forthcoming LP, Riders in the Stardust Gold was written and recorded with the band returning to their roots completely in Fort Worth. Husband and wife Burette and Gabrielle Douglas wrote the songs and recorded band members Ben Hance on guitar, keys, and Austin Green on drums/percussion. The six new songs, “Haters”, “Beneath the Lines”, “Chariots of Smog”, “Ajna Returns”, “Fly” and “Daydream Beach” each take you on a journey to be returned with a new state of being before going back into the stardust again.

I recently caught up with The Cush who take us inside the emotion of being signed to Harper’s label.

How it came to be The Cush would join Mad Bunny records.

We had met Elizabeth Freund, who is 1/2 of Mad Bunny while on tour back in 2008. We struck up a friendship and had kept in touch over the years. We had just finished mixing our new album early in 2020 and were starting to send our new music out to a few labels when COVID hit. At some point we learned that Elizabeth had partnered with Ben Harper to form Mad Bunny records, so Gabby sent them our album. Elizabeth told us she loved it and was going to send it to Ben to check out. Then a few weeks later we got an email from Elizabeth saying Ben loved our music and wanted to talk.

How Ben Harper’s influence and artistry impacted The Cush and the new music?

Well, we have both been fans of his since we first discovered Fight For Your Mind. We have always admired his musicianship, his amazing tones, and great songs. His songwriting is diverse, poetic and thought provoking as well are his guitar sounds. We also like the way he has navigated a long and versatile career in the music business.

What we’re most looking forward to.

The release of our first album on Mad Bunny Records and sharing our new music with our fans.
Being able to get back out and play some shows and go on some amazing tours.

We are really proud of of the new music. It takes you on a musical trip. It’s got a little bit of everything we do, from psychedelic balladry to shoe-gazey walls of noise, lots of harmonies and background screams with delay. These batch of songs work intricately together that keeps the listener listening for what happens next.

What it means to now be working with Mad Bunny records and Ben Harper.

We’re just honored to be associated with him musically. He co produced our first single, “Haters”, and the whole process from initial idea to picking takes was so easy and natural. We feel like we connect very organically. Which is always best when it comes to music.

It really means so much to us to have this opportunity to work with Ben Harper and Elizabeth Freund. We respect them both very much. We are so excited for the adventures we’ve had and will have with them; as well as grateful to be a part of the Mad Bunny Records community.

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