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Lenny Kravitz personifies the word “artist” to the fullest. Sonically, spiritually, visually, creatively, Kravitz leverages every corner of the word. The music of course, serves as the foundation for it all, but Kravitz continuously inspires and challenges me to embrace art as a multi-dimensional companion. Whether its playing numerous instruments on “Low” or the peeling back the layers to find simplicity in song like “Here to Love”, Kravitz’s new record Raise Vibration is yet another chapter in a museum-like Kravitz book of art.

As I eagerly paced in anticipation of what colors Kravitz may paint with next, I came across the brilliant photography of Mathieu Bitton, who accompanied Kravitz this summer along his tour across Europe. Bitton’s shots so beautifully capture the enthrallment Kravitz exudes both onstage and in song form. In a live setting, Kravitz takes off on the jet plane that is his guitar. He’s the captain of axe air as he rockets off each wall of venue, thrilling the crowd and guiding you to the next chapter of your own story.

Here, I’ve paired each song on Raise Vibration with one of Bitton’s jaw-dropping photos. Each image captures the melodies and lyrical sentiment, while at the same time preserving the raw form of the song. As opposed to just randomly assigning, the point was to think about the rich meaning of the song, how it makes you feel, how Kravitz delivers it, and how Bitton captures and matches the exact vibe.

“We Can Get It All Together”
Deliver me so we can get it so we can get it all together

Stay with me on the ground
Drop with me, let me go
Got to keep it low

“Who Really Are The Monsters?”
Start communicating

“Raise Vibration”
Hold your hands up
Hold your head up to the painted sky
Breathe in spirit, you can feel it
Let your ego die

Be a vessel, never settle
For the status quo
Love will lead us and complete us
This is what I know

“Johnny Cash”
Just hold me like Johnny Cash… I need your mind to understand

“Here To Love”
We must all unite for we are one creation
We must join the fight, together we are strong

We must all unite, there’s no more segregation
When you’ve seen the light there’s nowhere else to go

We’re not here to judge
We are here to love
There’s no room for hate
We are just one human race
We must rise above
We are here to love
There’s no time to waste anymore

“It’s Enough”
…it’s time to wake up and do what we can

“5 More Days ’Til Summer”
Without a sound, no one around… takes me away

“The Majesty Of Love”
I feel the spirit coming right over me
It’s an unexplainable high
And the only place that I wanna be
Is with you right under the sky.

“Gold Dust”
Open your heart and free your mind
From what you’ve been told
Just receive your gift, begin your trip
And watch it unfold.

I have loved you since the dawn, my love
Through the storm, my love, we will ride

“I’ll Always Be Inside Your Soul”
Just like a tree I’ll watch you grow, there is no time

Lenny Kravitiz’s Raise Vibration is out now.

For tour dates and more information visit: LennyKravitz.com

To see more from Mathieu Britton visit: MathieuBitton.fr

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