By: Passafire frontman, Ted Bowne

Welcome to 311 week on Artist Waves.

311 recently celebrated 27 years strong — with all five original members. The band’s full ride is one of immense creativity and honesty, that ultimately has home-brewed a movement and way of life amongst their faithful hive. On Friday the 23rd, they release their 12th record, MOSAIC. In tribute and celebration, we have one unique feature per day.

Part 4: 311 kicks of their Summer Unity tour tonight in Cleveland, OH. Passafire will be opening from July 26th — August 4th. Frontman, Ted Bowne writes a special guest feature discussing the thrill of sharing the stage.

I was introduced to 311 on the same day I was introduced to skating a half-pipe when I was 12. I remember pumping back and forth on the transitions trying to keep in time with the beat of “Down” which played on repeat from a little boom box on the porch of my friend’s house. Fast forward 4 years… I’m in a car going to see Incubus and 311 at Nissan Pavilion in Virginia with my friends on our first adventure away from home by ourselves in my mom’s station wagon. It was very inspirational show and I will remember it forever. Fast forward 12 years… we are chosen to play the 2012 — 311 Caribbean cruise. The whole weekend (by far) was my favorite 311 moment. We met so many cool people who became fans and supporters of Passafire and are forever grateful for the opportunity.

We are always super excited to tour with 311. Being fans from childhood, we are stoked to perform in front of other fans like us who have similar taste in music. The 311 fan base (familia) is an ever-growing, ever-supportive community of positive people who love to gather in celebration of good music. It’s an honor to be a part of a 311 event always!

I am most looking forward to watching 311 perform some of my favorite jams. They are always changing their setlist up so I’m sure I will hear most of my top 10. They also have a new record that rocks so I am stoked to heat those tracks live.

Favorite 311 record: Soundsystem
Favorite 311 song: “Life’s Not a Race”
Thoughts on MOSAIC: I’m really digging “Perfect Mistake” so far. That riff is pretty killer! Experimenting with new sounds while keeping the core 311 vibe.

~Ted Bowne

Catch Passafire on tour with 311 this summer:

7/26 — Charlotte, NC — Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre 
8/1 — Boca Raton, FL — Sunset Cove Amphitheatre 
8/2 — St. Augustine, FL — St. Augustine Amphitheatre 
8/4 — New Orleans, LA — Bold Sphere Amphitheatre

For a full listing of 311 tour dates visit
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