photo by: Jimmy Fontaine

Inside Our Seventh and Most Honest Record

You know, it really is a brilliant time to be writing a rock record. It’s almost an obligation to tell people how I feel about what’s going on in the world right now. Isn’t that what rock is about? Non-conformity. Constant change. Constant doubt. It really describes what the mindset was going into the writing process of Say Nothing. A title that brings to mind irony when everyone right now can’t seem to just stop talking. Maybe if we stopped to listen for once we would be able to see the other perspective.

Our last record was a departure from the previous ones sonically and in a sense a “wake up call” for us. We decided to take a different path having made rock records the same way for almost 15 years. With the massive success of “Rx (Medicate)” I think it allowed me to venture into lyrical topics like politics, anxiety and depression, racism, etc. where before I was too afraid to tackle those kinds of issues. I see people like Tom Morello out there grinding away trying to make a difference and think “man he’s so brave, he’s not afraid to do it!” It can definitely be inspiring. Especially after seeing the effect “Rx” had on people. That was definitely a pivotal moment for me.

A lot of the song ideas erupted from the constant mass shootings, racist parades and polar politics. Songs like “Strangers” which discusses moral issues of politics and how kids like E. Gonzalez are now the ones standing up and speaking out. “White Boy” dives into the horrific event that happened in Virginia where a guy drove his car through a group of people killing one. How fear and anger are really the same thing. “History of Violence” tells a story of a young woman who goes to the extremes to stop her domestic abuser, and how we can still feel empathy for a victim after they do the unthinkable. “World Keeps Spinning” talks about my own struggle with depression and anxiety and how sometimes you get tired of asking yourself, “will tomorrow be a better day?”

We made leaps and bounds with this album, sonically and lyrically. I know the fans will resonate with it, and understand the need for constant change, the need to keep moving.

This record feels like a continuation of Wake Up Call to me. Maybe more of a mirror image in a way. If Wake Up Call is the real world, then Say Nothing, I guess, is the upside down.

-Tyler Connolly

photo by: Jimmy Fontaine

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Produced by/in collaboration with: Jeff Gorra