A tribute & a life lesson from Candlebox

Photo by/courtesy of: Immensa Artis

Sometimes we carry more weight than we own”

Sometimes you brush the leaves aside so you can reach us
Sometimes you live with what you’ve known
Sometimes you feel the words blanket your sole.

“I wipe the night from my eyes. Night take the light by the hand…”
Sometimes you pour every ounce of yourself into something and you still feel dejected
Sometimes the strangest fucking things happen in life
Sometimes they seem to make little sense
Sometimes you find a reason to learn and sometimes you find a reason to decide
Sometimes you’ll never know why
Sometimes you are just missing the rain
Sometimes, sometimes goes on and on and on.

“Change of season inside of mind”
Sometimes behind your truths or somewhere inside your lies
These long cold days of gray, they color your eyes
Sometimes I get lost in your song, your touch, your smile and where I want to grow old
Sometimes you glimmer and gleam like a blond-washed hair from an ocean-side domain
Sometimes in time I’ll decide to move on.

“We change direction and watch the tides”
Sometimes her waves roll and run right over me
Sometimes everything is falling down around us
Sometimes we borrow too much
Sometimes we form restrictions, we form lines and we separate you from me
Sometimes we bleed together and that’s how we realize
Sometimes the vexatious is so blatant
Sometimes red dress, skinny mess, lips drawn you go, and sometimes you got me goin’ supernova.

Photo by/courtesy of: Immensa Artis

“Somehow we’ll find a way”
Sometimes we find away
Sometimes your gold is silver and my blue is grey
Sometimes we are all held together by cellophane tape
Sometimes…drifting into me, I found myself again, in her song
Sometimes, sometimes is the strongest word on the planet…

Sometimes you soldier on for 25 years strong
Sometimes you trip across a song you love from almost 18 years ago and you’re reminded how much the song means to you and how much we can all learn from it
Sometimes you listen to it every single day for a year straight
Sometimes you get the chance to collaborate (not once, but twice) with the artist that wrote “Sometimes” and you tell them how much of an impact that song has had on you.

Sometimes we carry more weight than we own

In my head I’ve got everything I want…”

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