A collaboration with Jim Messina on “Lahaina”, a tour and new music on the way for Rome and Duddy.

Super-duo Rome and Duddy, consisting of Rome Ramirez from Sublime with Rome and Duddy B of Dirty Heads have hit the ground running in 2021. They released their new single “Lahaina” on January 22nd. The jam features it’s original writer, Jim Messina for a feel-good rendition that perfectly captures the getaway state of mind they were looking for. 

Having first collaborated back in 2008 writing the hit “Lay Me Down”, then touring together with their respective groups, Rome and Duddy have established a musical relationship that exemplifies true artistry. In support of the new music, they will be hitting the road on their– Friends & Family Acoustic Tour starting February 11th in Dallas, TX and ending on February 14th in Durant, OK. After the run of shows, its back to focusing on the record, which is a collection of new material. 

I was fortunate to enough to have both Rome and Duddy on a recent episode of AW Live

Given your respective journey’s with Sublime and Dirty Heads leading to this point, what does this new Rome and Duddy music mean to you?

Rome Ramirez: It’s another awesome-ass chapter of life. You can’t plan this. If you were to go back 20 or 15 years to when I first met Duddy in the studio and said we’d have a number one song on the radio, I’d laugh. And if you’d say, “You guys are going to be in an acoustic duo project togheter after you’ve been in Sublime and both of your bands have toured around the world and got radio hits,” I’d be like, “What!? We can do it again, and people would still listen?” Life is crazy like that. You have to have an open mind and you have to do things for the right reasons, ya know.

Duddy: It shows you, too – just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to lose your passion to try new things and start new projects. You never know where it’s gonna go.

Rome Ramirez: Shout-out to that.

WATCH: The full interview with Rome and Duddy here.

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