Artist Waves Coming soon…!

I am excited to relay, this publication is undergoing a complete makeover. Deep Cuts is transforming into — Artist Waves.

In this, each article featured will be directly from the artist themselves in an effort to both share their personal stories and their art. Furthermore, each piece will be built off intent to inspire.

We recently had Kevin Martin of Candlexbox, Bronson Arroyo, Producer Bruce Leddy, and Darryl McDaniels of Run D.M.C during our “soft launch.”

I can tell you the pipeline is filled with a vast array of unique artists from all over the world.

In addition to hosting this publication through the incredible platform that is Medium, the URL — is live and the domain directs right here.

So stay tuned and feel free to pass the word on. Official launch with a new facebook and twitter page is right around the corner.


Jeff Gorra