With Ted Bowne, Passafire guitarist/vocalist

photo by: Cedric Smith

Around the same time I was learning to skate a half-pipe (12 yrs old) I went to Jamaica with my family on vacation. My mom told me that if I brought things I grew out of or didn’t want anymore I could trade them on the beach for souvenirs and such. She was right! I traded a Troy Aikman jersey for a belt and two tapes: Spaniel Banner and Bob Marley “Uprising”. I listened to these tapes constantly when we got back to the states and then I found out about bands like Sublime and 311 that were taking these styles and adapting them to alternative rock music which was my favorite genre at the time. It was love at first listen with Reggae. The music, the vibe, the message… it’s all vital. It’s all real and true. I love the truth that reggae music embodies and promotes.

Love and unity. That’s the message.

~Ted Bowne

photo by: Cedric Smith

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Catch Passafire on tour this summer:

26-May: Roots Music and Arts Festival Monterey, CA
27-May: Denver Day of Rock Denver, CO
31-May: Goldfield Sacramento, CA w/ Bumpin Uglies 
1-Jun: Humbrews / Humboldt Brews Arcata, CA
2-Jun: Star Theater Portland, OR
3-Jun: The Crocodile Seattle, WA w/ Bumpin Uglies 
4-Jun: The Shakedown Bellingham, WA w/ Bumpin Uglies 
7-Jun: The Big Dipper Spokane, WA w/ Bumpin Uglies 
8-Jun: The Top Hat Missoula, MT w/ Bumpin Uglies 
9-Jun: Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT w/ Bumpin Uglies 
10-Jun: Reggae In The Desert Las Vegas, NV
11-Jun: The Green Room Flagstaff, AZ w/ Bumpin Uglies 
13-Jun: The Perch at Tricky Falls El Paso, TX w/ Bumpin Uglies 
15-Jun: Antone’s Austin, TX w/ Bumpin Uglies 
16-Jun: Trees Dallas, TX w/ Bumpin Uglies 
17-Jun: Jack’s Patio Bar San Antonio, TX w/ Bumpin Uglies 
18-Jun: Scout Bar Houston, TX w/ Bumpin Uglies 
26-Jul: Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC w/ 311, New Politics 
27-Jul: Kelly’s Nags Head, NC
28-Jul: Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
1-Aug: Sunset Cove Amphitheatre Boca Raton, FL w/ 311, New Politics 
2-Aug: St Augustine Amphitheatre St Augustine, FL w/ 311, New Politics 
3-Aug: Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
4-Aug: Bold Sphere Amphitheatre New Orleans, LA w/ 311, New Politics 
1-Sep: Surrounded by the Sound Music & Arts Festival 2017 Longcreek, SC

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