The Art of Painting Murals with L.A.’s Robert Vargas

I’ve been painting all my life. I never really imagined doing anything else. Each mural has a different identity and presents a different challenge. There are no tricks, it’s just a brush in one hand and passion in the other! The challenge the Motley Crue mural presented was that it had to be completed rather quickly. I ended up painting it freehand in only four hours without any grids or projections.

Nikki Sixx is a friend of mine and I brought the idea to him to paint this. He’s a real creative person obviously, he loves art. I felt like this could be another opportunity for us to mash-up on something cool and incorporate the fans in the creative process. I think when you consider the location of a public art piece (outside the Whisky a Go-Go in this case) and how it reflects what you’re trying to say at the right time, it can transcend a space and impact community.

As true fan of the group, it’s been an honor to create something that is a tribute to their legacy and impact they’ve had on all fans. Painting the first ever mural outside the famous Whisky is cool in itself, but to paint heroes like Motley Crue on it, takes it to a whole other level. I’ve painted many murals around the world, but I must say this one is ranked right up there.

~ Robert Vargas
“An artist shapes the way a city’s history is written through their art.”

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