From “Mona Lisa” to “Is This a Thing”, with Atlanta trio OBB

Atlanta trio OBB is an emerging pop/rock group comprised of Zach Oswald on lead vocals, Jacob Oswald on guitar, and Nich Oswald on drums. The band has had career radio airplay audience of 106 million and streams of nearly 8 million, but perhaps their most unique success has been their collaborations with Dude Perfect — the sports entertainment group with 31 million YouTube subscribers.

OBB”s hit song “Mona Lisa” (which also featured in Google’s Chromebook ad campaign) recently served as the backtrack in Dude Perfect’s latest Water Bottle Flip 2 video, where it reached over 60 million views.

We recently caught up with OBB just prior to their new release to explore what happens when your song is in powerful videos such as Dude Perfect.

Photo by: Joseph Llanes

How did you get linked up with Dude Perfect? Was there a process in determining which song would accompany the video or was it always going to be “Mona Lisa”?

This is actually the third song Dude Perfect used of ours. We Love those guys and when they reached out to us by twitter a few years ago and asked if they could use one of our songs we were so honored. So when they came back a third time, we were blown away!

How do you feel the collaboration and the success of the video impacted your career to this point?

I think our songs being in the dude perfect video has introduced a huge audience to our music that maybe hadn’t heard of us yet.

What has the aftermath of the success/60+ million views been like?

We hear from fans all the time. People love this song! We love it too. It’s been a lot of fun.

A good and funny video by a quality source like Dude Perfect is always going to do well, but having a song in it that compliments the video takes it to another level, which is what happened here. How do you feel the song compliments what takes place in Water Bottle Flip 2?

There’s a line in our song “Even if I just got 1 in a million, I’m gonna take my chances”. I think this line really summarizes the essence of their video. They totally defy the odds!

How did this lead to next steps with “Mona Lisa” and the new EP? Recording the acoustic version, writing more, etc. What opportunities did it lead to?

It’s always interesting to see where a song will go. “Mona Lisa” really took on a life of its own with the Google Chrome Book Commercial and with Dude Perfect it has really reached a whole new group of people. Doing a quick YouTube search for “Mona Lisa” you will find a bunch of YouTube creators that have used our song for their videos.

What are you most looking forward to with what’s next?

We are so excited to release our new song “Is this a Thing” which will debut July 6th along with the release of our new EP. Later this year we will release even more music. We are so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

Overall, what can you say the Dude Perfect collaboration means to OBB?

We love Dude Perfect and look forward to more collaborations in the future. We watched their videos way before they ever used our music, so we are humbled and honored that they would use our songs in their videos. Who knows, maybe we’ll take our show on the road together! HA! That would be FUN!

Out Now: OBB’s Is This A Thing EP, was released July 6th via Curb Records

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