Way way back, how it used to be, is a long distance runner. It’s Different Beds. It’s Mine

At Artist Waves, we don’t typically recycle any content. Being a voice of the artist platform, 99.9% of our features is original — done by one of our artists or in collaboration with another artist. And then… it’s more like hanging a new painting on the wall as opposed to a “news” bit that’s pushed and pushed. Having said that, I came across this heartfelt blurb that Matt Nathanson wrote as he introduced a new song off his upcoming record, Sings His Sad Heart.

The song is called “Different Beds” and as you’d imagine, it’s beautifully heavy. As I tripped right into Nathanson’s social post — so openly sharing his vulnerability, I immediately checked out the song. His intro words read like poetry when he could have easily just said, “Here’s a new song, check it out now!” And that would have been fine. Many people still would have immediately tapped Spotify, Apple Music, etc. But, if you want an example of an “Artist Wave” take a look at the perspective in which Nathanson wrote from(below).

Then, look at the album art. People relate to stories and come-backs. It creates a connection. Authenticity always prevails.

I had not heard any of Sings His Sad Heart until I read Nathanson’s words. In a way, I am glad I waited. I felt the songs in an entirely different way. It was like switching out my beats headphones and instead, injecting the songs as if I’m listening to them from an inner-point of view. Not just listening. Not outside in, but inside out — and appreciating the place they are coming from. One of deep meaning. So, this too, is just like throwing bunch of paint on canvas, and then hanging it on the wall. Some of the colors haven’t dried up yet, and are dripping down the sides. And that’s OK, too.

“by the time i got to butch (walker’s) last november,
i just remember feeling relief.
after a couple of years of feeling lost,
the album was FINALLY in focus.
and almost done.
and the year was winding down.

butch’s studio is on the west side
close to the ocean
(and a killer comic book shop).
the air moves there.
it’s different than the rest of los angeles.
it’s really hard to feel stuck
when you’re surrounded
by that much movement.

we worked fast,
butch is all gut and confidence
and inspiration when he makes music.
it’s easy to follow him.

i had the “different beds” lyric in a poem.
i wrote the rest of the words
up in tahoe, during thanksgiving break.
i love the words so much.
i love the story.

i live with the delusion
that i can change the outcome
of things by just trying harder.
it’s a recipe for constant disappointment,
for sure. but i still do it.
this song is an exercise
in writing about the opposite.
about surrender.
about coming to terms with the fact
that you can only change the “you,”
not the “us.”
and not being bitter about it.
just facing facts.
we’ll see the sunrise again…
we’ll find happiness again…
it’s just not gonna be together.

the demo was sparse.
but when i got back to butch’s
in december, he had taken it all
“avalon”-era roxy music.
dreamy and washy and sexy.
way better.

the part of the song
that really lays me out though
is the middle 8.
when everything drops out
and there’s just that rhodes,
and that guitar
and my voice. all dry and up front.

~ Matt Nathanson

Sings His Sad Heart is out October 5th. Visit MattNathanson.com for more information and to listen to 5 new tracks off the record.

Catch Matt Nathanson on an acoustic tour starting February 1st.

“The past is a long distance runner.”

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