With Joe Hahn of Linkin Park

We recently got introduced to Blaine over at MadeWorn. I was impressed by the care that he puts into his put his work and how that translates into authenticity that is set apart from all other apparel. He is a guy that is about process. It is about creating art. I believe that great art has a reflection of life in it. That is what MadeWorn is. You can feel it when you wear it.

The inspiration behind this project was pretty simple. Blaine has a platform for limited edition T Shirts that will benefit the artists charity of choice. We wanted to help him launch it and pay homage to our first imagery that we created with Hybrid Theory, 16 years ago. Blaine, Mike and I got together to create some art based on the Soldier stencil. We made some cool stuff and it was fun to revisit the art after all these years when Hybrid Theory was launched.

After that, we picked the images that stood out the most and Blaine was able to do his magic and recreate the stencils on vintage distressed tees.

~ Joe Hahn

To view collection and donate go to: https://charity.madeworn.com

& check out Music for Relief

In collaboration with Jeff Gorra — Artist Waves

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