With Founder, Fabio Zaffagnini & Courmayeur Major, Fabrizia Derriard

Still one of my favorite topics to write about — the ever inspiring Rockin’ 1000. The world’s largest Rock Band, featuring over 1000 musicians, will perform on the roof of Europe from July 28 to July 29 in Val Veny, a breathtaking location right off the city of Courmayeur (Italy). This is at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif, where a village packed with rock attractions will be built: leading up to two different shows of the Thousand — the first one on Friday night, the latter in broad daylight on Saturday. For the first time, the audience will get the chance to attend the rehearsals, thus getting a close up view on how the thousand musicians arrange the execution of some special songs.

Rockin’1000, Founder & General Manager: Fabio Zaffagnini:

“It’s going to be two days of full immersion in nature and in the music that we love the most. We want to attract musicians and enthusiasts from all over Europe and even further, make them feel the power of Rockin’1000: a crazy experience, that touches deep inside. Through Summer Camp, we want Rockin’1000 to confirm itself as a music ritual, capable of tearing down any kind of barriers. We want it to be fun, we want it to be unique, something to remember”

Courmayeur Major Fabrizia Derriard:

“We liked their initiative since the very beginning, it is beautiful and engaging. Thanks to Rockin’1000, we think we can convey the concept that mountains are a place to meet and share, open to everybody. Through music, and its inclusive essence, we want to raise awareness among the general public of the wild and unspoiled beauty of our Val Veny, a unique and multifaceted place. Mountains are everybody’s heritage, and everybody is free to experience it in different ways, as a sportsman, a musician, a mountaineer o a simple observer”.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc — Located between Italy, France and Switzerland, at the foothills of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur is a is a place of sincerely hospitable tradition, capable of welcoming everybody with warmth, thanks to its sense of style, which is 100% Italian. Courmayeur is the land of good food, incredible culture and breathtaking scenery. From shopping in the pedestrian center to the many restaurants in the area, from the villages around Courmayeur rich in history and tradition, to numerous sports activities, visitors can enjoy different experiences on a single holiday.

For more information visit: Rockin1000.com

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