A legendary New England music community, with Newbury Comics’, Carl Mello

Artist Waves is a proud supporter of Record Store Day — coming up this Saturday, April 21st.

Now in it’s 11th year, Record Store Day 2018 will consist of unique and/or new releases from amazing artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Church, U2, The Gorillaz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Neil Young, Rush, and much more. Furthermore, Record Store Day provides an injection of community. Bringing together all genres of the arts via these exclusive releases allows collectors, enthusiasts and fans alike to gather at their local shops. It’s here where they explore and connect with both each other and the music. The cause and foundation of the day is also paying tribute to these legendary shops that give such folks the outlet. In our home state of Massachusetts, that place is Newbury Comics.

Newbury Comics began as a comic book vendor on Newbury Street in Boston in 1978. The company was founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology students John Brusger and Mike Dreese, and they eventually expanded to include selling music, with comic books also being sold. Now with 28 stores, we caught up with Carl Mello, Director of Home Entertainment Merchandising, to talk all things Record Store Day at Newbury Comics. Mello has been with the company since 1993, when he started working in their warehouse.

What does Record Store day mean to Newbury Comics records?

We were lucky enough to be there when the whole thing was dreamed up, Jeff! For us, it means an opportunity to connect anew with our music-loving customers, and, ideally, introduce those who might be on the fence to the joys of hardcore music fandom.

What you can say about RSD this year? What are your biggest events at your various Newbury Comics locations? While most of our stores will have special plans/events/etc… the focus remains on the releases for us. The biggest for Newbury this year will likely be a Led Zeppelin 7″, box sets by Phish and David Bowie, and albums by U2, The Cure and Neil Young. Other likely biggies are releases from Taylor Swift, Lil Uzi Vert, The Grateful Dead, Tom Waits and many many more.

How does this year compare to last year? How was last year’s RSD for you?

Last year’s RSD was our biggest yet. This year, the releases look super solid, so, expectations are cautiously high.

What do you feel RSD means to your community?

This would be a fantastic question for our customers! Hopefully, it means fun and camaraderie and listening to a bunch of fantastic music. Collecting anything can, at times, be a solitary hobby, so, it’s great for people to meet kindred spirits on a day which celebrates their interests!

~ Carl Mello
Director of Home Entertainment Merchandising, Newbury Comics

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For more information including store locations visit: NewburyComics.com

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