A drummer’s paradise

Jonathan Ulman, Boston’s 2016 “Session Musician of the Year,” has become one of the more notable and in-demand drummers on the east coast. At a glance, Ulman’s calendar consists of:

• Being on road for 135+ shows a year both nationally and internationally
• In the studio for 40 days
• On call at a moment’s notice for anywhere between 25–30 artists for either studio or live work 
• Playing on 35 records 
• Learning 300+ original songs a year

So how does he prepare for it all? Simple, he turned the top floor of his Boston home into a world-of-percussion. A domain for him to hideout, woodshed, pop on a few records and drift away into a laser-focused, rhythmic, zone.

He takes us inside:

Morning sunrise through Ludwig drums Break Beats kit in studio

Day off at home. Rehearsing for an upcoming tour with Hayley Thompson-King

Interview in my studio with 180 drums on my session career

Testing out Ludwig drums Break Beats Kit in my library/sunroom

My record collection and music library corner

Morning practice

My process for learning a new record is to get all distractions out of the way first

Getting ready to head back into the studio. Warming up on the sunburst

Interview in my studio with Rhythm Magazine (UK) on my session career

All packed up ready to hit the road for tour

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.
~Jonathan Ulman

For more information check out: ‘My Journey’ by Jonathan Ulman — or visit:
Web:: www.jonathanulman.com
Instagram:: @jmudrums
Twitter:: @jmudrums

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