Imagine Dragons: Living that real life with Origins

‘Evolve’ is like, “Where am I going? I know there’s color, something new.”
And ‘Origins’ is, “This is where you are going and it’s a great future.
Dan Reynolds

Origin: noun: the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.

If you look at the album art for Imagine Dragons passion-filled new record Origins, your eyes immediately get drawn to the radiant (full) circle tattooed in the middle. Placed before it, is the image of person looking lonely, but in-stride with one foot in front of the other. The scenery is colorful offering diverse circumstances. The weeds are obesely overgrown, but there are flowers in bloom, and the color green permeates from corner to corner. You can’t see the person at the center, but you can assume his/her eyes are locked on the light.

Welcome to the new age… of Imagine Dragons – one of the most inspiring and influential artists of today.

An origin is honest. It’s authentic. It’s commencement. It’s foundational. It’ spring time. It’s fresh. And for Imagine Dragons, it’s full circle – both literally and visually. There’s a true journey within the 15 songs (deluxe package). The first thing you hear Dan Reynolds say is “would you hold the line” in “Natural”, accompanied by Wayne Sermon sonically setting the mysterious, yet rhythmic guitar riff to prance ahead with. Embedded deeper in the opening track is a bridge where Reynolds with everything he has belts out, “I’m gonna make it.” And you know what? He does. And so do you.

But there is no sugarcoating the arc leading you back to a new origin. There’s heartbreak, loneliness, struggle, endurance and there’s fortitude. The focus is not on the center of the beaming circle, but the curvature. Reynolds recently told apple music he felt this record was ready as the band nailed down the deluxe closing track, “Real Life” – a send off that carries you away with a chant of “real life”. The standard version closes with “Love”, and a chant of the word “love”.

Origins comes on the heels of a massive Evolv(e)tion. The band is continuously using their platform to encourage equality and leading by example to empower voices everywhere. During a such commendable mission, how do you hang on to yourself? Well, you tap into the deep well of expression burning inside and then you embrace it head on. You hold tight to the single ring of light you see and eventually it spruces out into new colors you’ve invented to call your own. 

Identifying 10 sets of lyrics strewn throughout this deep canvas was no easy task. But what I found was fascinating. The potency came in all shapes in sizes – some in the form an entire song, while others in just three words.


Took an oath by the blood of my hand, won’t break it
I can taste it, the end is upon us, I swear
Gonna make it
I’m gonna make it


Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it is wrong


Fill my cup with endless ambition
And paint this town with my very own vision

“Bad Liar”:

Now you know, you’re free to go


I find it hard to say the things I want to say the most
Find a little bit of steady as I get close
Find a balance in the middle of the chaos

art by: Luis Felipe

“Bullet in a Gun”:

To make a name, you pay the price
You give your life, no other way
The devil’s deal, it comes around
To wear the crown, rise up from the ground


We don’t want to change we just want to change everything


All around the world, we are one
We got the same heartbeat
We’re living for the same dreams


*the whole damn song, but for example…
Seasons, they will change

Life will make you grow
Dreams will make you cry, cry, cry
Everything is temporary
Everything will slide
Love will never die

“Real Life”:

Turn your phone off, only look me in my eyes
Can we live that real life

                                                                                                                               photo by: Eric Ray Davidson

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