Glamorous Runaway Diaries

Windows rolled down, warm wind whipping my hair in the darkness as I edge towards ninety miles per hour. It’s just myself and my imagination alone on these long stretches of the open road, somewhere in the middle of the night, in the midst of nowhere. Blue lights illuminating the dashboard, slightly fuzzy as I’m one, two, five thousand miles into a mesmerizing solo journey in my merlot colored mustang.

Miami’s on my mind as I ride through endless miles. Miami, a glitzy, fast-paced, tropical city brimming with pixie dust and bling. I ease off the highway…

Now, eyes are half-closed, as I float in and out of sleep at a truck stop, pulled up close to the glass front doors of a convenient store. Neon sign above. Vanilla flavored coffee waiting for me inside.


Leather seats. Elvis songs. Boyfriend jeans. Suede brown jacket with a faux fur collar acts as a makeshift blanket. Lyrics buzzing around my head like a flickering light…Slices of romance and nostalgia, anchored by a burning ambition.

“…We’re gonna, we’re gonna run the night…”

Desire and dreams intermingled, with visions of softly rustling palm trees, and the enviable embrace of the South Beach sun rays enveloping me. The past is a postcard, the future an indie flick. The present is everything. Darkness ebbs as I fill up the gas tank, gazing around at the wide expanse and breathing in the still, cool, early morning air.

Seconds, hours, days. Time is a friend that travels so frequently, I can scarcely keep track of her. And all of this just to get to the studio. Just to get to that first moment of stepping up to the mic. It’s every conflicting emotion that somehow makes sense singing about it. Writing it. When I hear a chord, a soundscape I can set my lyrics to. It’s like reaching up to the stars every time, and pulling something out of thin air…

It’s been an incredible experience for me to make this EP. I was first a singer, then a songwriter, and over time became drawn more and more to pop and electronic music. It was such an exciting moment for me to be given the opportunity to create in Miami, a city that had simultaneously inspired and somewhat intimidated me. I was in awe of the many influences — Cuban, Puerto Rican, Latin American, Spanish — and so many more, that were coming together to create a unique and vibrant energy. I instinctively felt connected to all of this long before I arrived. In teaming up with my producer ill Factor, I found the sound and vibe that I was looking for, the perfect compliment to my stories and sensibilities that needed a sonic palette. It’s been an amazing process, and I have an enthusiasm about this music that’s at a level I haven’t known before. I look forward to sharing it, and ultimately bringing these songs to life on stage in an epic way.

~Gigi Rowe

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Feature in collaboration with/produced by: Jeff Gorra

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