By: ES Pitcher of The New Up

Noah and I co-wrote the lyrics to all of the songs, with some lyrical ideas from the producer, for our upcoming album, Tiny Mirrors. We had written approximately 40 song sketches and then narrowed it down to 12 songs. The final choices came down to the songs that pulled and tugged on our sonic souls individually as well as the songs we felt could combine together to make a cohesive whole. In a world where it’s all about the single or an EP, we actually wanted to make an album that was with you from beginning to end, that told a story, that inspired the listener to seek truth through exploring some dark places. “Falling From the Sky” ended up being one of the singles which we weren’t expecting, but after the election, this song has become rather pertinent in it’s energy and lyrical content.

This particular song went through so many transformations in terms of melody for both the chorus and verses. Noah and I holed up in our room drinking wine and playing our demos, rather loudly unbenounced to our perspective, as we were writing these lyrics and finally solidifying them. We had some placeholder lyrics but this was the first time we wrote the music first and then adapted the lyrics. Our roommate (and dear friend to this day) was taking her final exams and was not too happy with us for being so loud. We still joke about it (and she did pass swimmingly). We both went to this pretty raw, deep and wild place when writing this song; it builds to this primal call to humankind to wake the hell up.

Noah and I talked about that this epoch, and our own individual epochs, with everyone you know and all the people in the world at the time when you are living, and that it’s such a small blip in the evolution and thus the future of humankind. Many of us seem to be asleep and we have trouble being present and realizing this amazing and precious gift of life. Simultaneously, we can have such a huge impact energetically and environmentally but we don’t seem to connect to the “big picture”. “Falling From the Sky” is in part a metaphor that we are essentially in crisis mode as a collective species while ironically, “We are made of star stuff..” as Carl Sagan states. Ostensibly, we are all cut from the same universal cloth; we have fallen from the sky.

On more of a macro level, the song also conveys a pattern in our society where we repeat the same mistakes over and over and have a tendency to evade the truth. Continuing this only leads to further destruction and division amongst different cultures, races and as individuals in our society. “Falling From the Sky” ultimately reminds us to “take the time to get it right”, and do the hard work it takes to really see the whole, complex picture

~ES Pitcher

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