My son Jake drew me the picture on the left, completely unprompted one day. I came home from work and he said, “Dad, I made this for you at school. It’s a stage. Someday you will be on that stage working with Chris Cornell.” It’s been front and center on my desk ever since. On the right, Chris and I backstage before his show in Baltimore a few months later. I will never forget our conversation. Just him and I on folding chairs, in an empty dressing room, eye-to-eye talking about art. Complementing each other. His words of encouragement were a major inspiration behind Artist Waves. I believe Chris Cornell changed the world with his voice. Certainly mine. “Blow Up the Outside World”, “Higher Truth”, “Call Me a Dog”, “I am the Highway”, all of Euphoria Morning — “Finally Forever” was my wife and I’s wedding song. …man, you had a profound song for every emotion I’ve ever felt.

The power of music encourages you to …’Carry On’ even when everything hurts.

I am so grateful for all Cornell’s art has given me. In 2008, after working an event for his street team, I went inside the PNC Bank Arts Center and caught his blistering set on the Projekt Revolution tour. Chris — during “Black Hole Sun” you jumped off stage, made your way through the crowd, hitting every note perfectly in stride… you hopped a fence and found yourself atop a hill that overlooked the entire amphitheater. At it’s highest point, you turned, faced down on the audience smiling up, and you soared through the last minute of the anthem. It was pitch black out, but there was spotlight illuminating you, perfectly capturing the magic. It moved many to tears. That’s how I will remember you. That moment…. That’s what you were to me and will always be.

Sending love to his beautiful family who have always been so incredibly kind to me,… genuine and gracious. Just like Chris.

RIP CC. Let the wind carry you home. Your voice, your songs, your spirit, your impact…will forever resonate. Thank you for everything. “Heaven send hell away, no one sings like you anymore….”



“Ascend may you find no resistance
Know that you made such a difference
All you leave behind will live to the end
The cycle of suffering goes on
But memories of you stay strong…”

“Black Hole Sun” — piano:

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