By: Sean Wouters of Deaf Poets

Ever wonder what it’s like to have your song in a video game? One of the more successful gaming series the past 18 years has come from the legendary Skateboarder, Tony Hawk. A crucial element to each game is the music that is paired with it. For each new release, there is an intense selection process to find the perfect sounding and appropriately moving songs that will truly enhance the overall experience.

Miami-based, alternative rock duo, Deaf Poets had their song “Degenerate Mind” in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. Frontman, Sean Wouters takes us inside that experience:


It kind of just happened to be honest. Both of us were completely caught off guard and surprised. Later on, we found out that Tony Hawk personally chose the bands for the soundtrack, a huge personal plus for us. We haven’t had a chance to meet Tony, but we’re looking forward to the day we can personally thank him for the opportunity. We grew up playing this video game and the soundtrack was always a go-to in every kids life, especially ours.

The Process:

We were fortunate enough that our song “Degenerate Mind” did not need any altering or changes in order to pair with the game. No two licensing deals are the same so it all depends on what is negotiated and put on paper. For us, we gave Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 the freedom to blast and use our song as much as they like.

Skateboarding and Rock n’ Roll:

Nico and I love the skate scene since it’s so hand-in-hand with Rock. Occasionally we cruise around, but leave the tricks to the professionals and more daring. When you’re trying to make a life playing music you tend to avoid whatever hobbies can break your hand haha.

I feel the connection between the two is mainly because we all share the love for fast paced heavy music that feeds the energy of what you’re doing. When you’re skating, or slaying zombies for example, rock is very ideal and nostalgic.

A Song on the Radio vs. a Song in a Video Game:

The experience is definitely different. Even though it’s always a nice feeling when you’re on the radio, nothing beats hearing your music on your favorite childhood soundtrack and video game.

The Impact:

Personally it was an incredible experience. As kids we’d dream about having our music on the soundtrack and now it’s a reality. Nico and I weren’t together at the time we both found out we made the cut. But we had the same reaction both screaming and calling our friends to share the good news.

The opportunity definitely helped us booking tours. When a booker or venue doesn’t know your band it tends to be hard securing that first show. Having Tony Hawks stamp of approval earned us a little more respect with better introductions.

Overall, It’s been amazing. We are extremely proud and grateful to be a part of something so legendary!

~Sean Wouters, Deaf Poets

Catch Deaf Poets on tour starting May 4th in Fort Lauderdale.

Deaf Poets new record, Lost In Magic City, will be released on May 5th

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