How My Passions Led to My Signature Style

My Background:

I am a third generation Eastern European Jewish-American. I did not study art but fell into it naturally — responding to my naturally creative instincts. Much of my art celebrates the music that is a big part of my life, especially groups like the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, Phish, Twiddle, Ween, Bob Marley, etc. I have been drawing for most of my life, but the latest surge in creativity that has resulted in over 30 large scale works has been only over the last year, starting in February of 2016.

My Artistic Process:

It’s intense. My ideas come to me from raw inspiration, often at the strangest times. I create around things that I love. Anything I do creatively must have personal meaning to me.

I do not like to drag pieces out, so once I get started, I work hard to complete a piece in a condensed time frame, often pulling late or all-nighters. I am never happier than when it is 2 a.m., everyone in the house is sleeping and I am downstairs in my studio listening to music and creating.

My Style:

My art is wildly colorful, vibrant and powerful large scale drawings in a style I have termed Psych-Pop.

My work bears the mark of a risk-taker, where bold decisions give way to results. A quintessential piece of mine is created on large foam-core boards using a variety of designer ink and markers. Smaller forms and figures combine to create a larger image. This is the hallmark of my own style

Music In My Art.

Music is a big part of my life, I am a singer/songwriter myself and I am very passionate about the music I love. Music from bands like Phish, the Beatles and the Grateful Dead have provided the soundtrack to my life. It’s deeply emotional.

In some of my pieces, the words are actually song titles (as in Love and Light), and in others they are words that somehow relate to the subject from my perception….for example, in the piece “Mihali” I see him in a process of awakening as reflected in his lyrics.

Where You Can Find My Work:

I have shown twice in Warwick, NY. Just recently, I completed a limited edition “Event Print” for Mihali Savoulidis of the inimitable rock band Twiddle. The print completely sold out. It was a resounding success and I plan to continue to do work for Twiddle & co.

I can be found at, on Facebook and on Instagram @dannysteinman

~Danny Steinman

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