A look into Candlebox’s incredible acoustic tour

“My father was a jazz musician and my mother was a singer. They both gave up their musical careers so they can have a family.”

“I’m a little more spiritual about the earth and life.”

“It’s one of my favorites and it’s about the love you can have for somebody else.” (‘Blossom’)

“Life changes, you’ve got to move with it.”

“I learn something new about myself everyday.”

“I think people should be a little more reliant upon what you believe in yourself.”

“You might get that thing you want if you just tell them you want it.”

“This was written for a friend of mine named Andrew Wood. It’s called ‘Far Behind’ and it goes like this.”

“It’s all been written down.” 
(Fall River, MA setlist also included ‘Sometimes, ‘Turn Your Heart Around’ and ‘Nutshell’)

“When you take the blinders off, there’s a lot of beauty out there. I think you can find it. I know I did.”

*All quotes by Candlebox frontman, Kevin Martin. Live at the Narrows Center for the Arts.

**All photos by Jeff Gorra — Artist Waves

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