A love song was playing on the radio … I am yours, I am yours, I am yours

Last week, on her brilliant Howard Stern Show appearance, and prior to three sold-out nights at the Beacon Theatre, Brandi Carlile spoke of her rural community on the outskirts of Seattle. She described how much of her family and band-mates live close by, which allows them to gather often — both physically and in song. Occasionally, Pearl Jam axe-man, Mike McCready (also a neighbor) swings by to add some fire to the campsite. Throughout these descriptions of beautiful animals, rolling landscape and bonfire jams, you could not help but paint the picture in your head. It all seems so pure and authentic. Just like Carlile’s music and point of view. The conversation gave you a visual in your mind and a peak into the inspiration behind Carlile’s new record, By the Way, I Forgive You.

That’s what happens on The Stern Show. You get candid conversations that are second-to-none. When a musician sits on that couch, you get glimpse into the creative moment of the artist. When the syncopation is totally in stride, like it was with Carlile, it’s like you too have your finger on the button, taking each snapshot along side the artist. Though the captured result is certainly influenced, you now the ability to see the world both through the artists’ eyes, and via your own perspective.

Upon listening to the interview (and then listening again), I saw By The Way, I Forgive You differently. Each song felt like a unique acre taken directly from Carlile’s Washington spread. She spoke of having 10 acres during her chat with the King of All Media. There are 10 songs on By The Way, I Forgive You — each representing Carlile doing what Carlile does. Moving truths in all forms grace your airwaves and encourage you to carry on being just who you are.

I was first introduced to Carlile thanks to Ray LaMontagne (who has also appeared in this column). In addition to an incredible live performance, I was mesmerized by how in touch Carlile was with the audience. What I appreciated most was how she spoke of meeting fans back by the merch table, but you’d have to excuse her when LaMontage hit the stage as she refused to miss a minute of his set.

In the spirit, of “Jokes”, “Mothers”, and Most of All Carlile’s creative hustle, I’ve paired each of the 10 songs (acres) to stunning photos that capture the melodies and lyrical sentiment, while at the same time preserving the raw form of the song. As opposed to just randomly assigning, the point was to think about the rich delivery of the mirage, how it makes you feel, and how Carlile delivers it. Then, translate that emotion to a breathtaking shot that shares the exact vibe.

“Every Time I Hear That Song”
By the way, I forgive you
After all, maybe I should thank you

“The Joke”
Let ’em laugh while they can
Let ’em spin, let ’em scatter in the wind
I have been to the movies, I’ve seen how it ends
And the joke’s on them

“Hold Out Your Hand”
When the rain don’t fall and the river don’t run
And the wind takes orders from the blazing sun

“The Mother”
All the wonders I have seen, I will see a second time
From inside of the ages through your eyes

“Whatever You Do”
There’s a road left behind me that I’d rather not speak of
And a hard one ahead of me, too
I love you, whatever you do
But I got a life to live, too

“Fulton County Jane”
Out in the middle of nowhere
With nothing much else to do
The night brought us together
And I lent my heart to you

It was hard to hide that his heart had scars
He would stay up late talking to the stars

“Most Of All”
But most of all
He taught me to forgive

“Harder To Forgive”
Some things work out different when they’re in your head

“Party Of One”
….Because when you’re home, you’re already home

Watch: Carlile’s moving video for “The Joke” directed by Danny Clinch

Act: Learn how you can get involved in Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation

Music: By The Way, I Forgive You is available everywhere NOW

Tour: Catch Brandi Carlile on tour starting 4/20/18 ~ Visit BrandiCarlile.com for tickets and more info

*All photos by Kelly Gorra Photography

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