Interview — Meet the fun-loving winners of Indie Music Channel’s 2017 Award

Big Mess — John Garber , Dave Carradi, Bernie Deal & Chad Carrier –Indie Music Channels 2017 Best Alternative Band Award Winners

There’s something still reassuring in the world when good things happen to veteran musicians that set out to simply have fun making music together. Big Mess fits that category well.

“Big Mess: Take a scoop of Weezer, add a cup of Iggy Pop, mix well in a reality show and garnish with the Rolling Stones.”

One listen and it’s easy to hear Big Mess enjoys having fun and laughing, all while playing good old fashioned guitar driven, bass pounding, high voltage and uncensored rock & roll. If you like bands like Green Day, Weezer, Offspring, Bowling for Soup etc…then you’ll appreciate the Big Mess sound.

Indie Music Channel

Like I said, it’s cool when good things happen to those just wanting to share their music in a fun and entertaining way. When the Indie Music Channel named Big Mess their Alternative Band of 2017. Even the guys in Big Mess weren’t sure how to respond.

Q&A with Chad Carrier and Bernie Deal of Big Mess

We spoke with Chad Carrier (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) & Bernie Deal (Drums) of Big Mess shortly after winning Indie Music Channels 2017 Best Alternative Band.

Big Mess’ Bernie Deal & Chad Carrier on the IMC Awards Red Carpet

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and Congrats on winning the IMC Award.

Chad Carrier & Bernie Deal- Thank You — Thanks for having us.

Okay, Let’s go through the steps…first you’re nominated. That, alone, must have been exciting.

Chad Carrier —Yeah, kinda out the blue, I get a call from a rep from the Indie Music Channel to congratulate us on being nominated for a couple of their awards. We were nominated for Best Alternative Band and Best Alternative Video under $5000.

We tanked in the Video category, yeah we were only the 1st runner up (laughs), but winning the Best Alternative Band made up for it, especially when we went in just expecting to have a good time..

So….going in, the main goal was to have a good time?

Bernie Deal — Yeah, it was a really great event held by IMC. We just went into it to have a great time and enjoy everything. Winning was really an unexpected bonus.

Chad Carrier — Indie Music Channel put together a really cool two day event in Hollywood at the Troubadour. It was a blast!

So you’re there to have a good time and they announce “Best Alternative Band of 2017 — BIG MESS”, …what was that like?

Chad Carrier — Funny thing is, we were standing up in front of the stage, they called our name “Big Mess” and we just stood there and looked at each other. I finally said, “Hey, I think they called our name, maybe we should go up there? They presented the award to us and said,“OK, you can give your speech now”, We just kinda thought.. “Huh OKayyyy” …(laughs)

Bernie Deal — It was weird… maybe because I was a little hung-over from the night before. It just wasn’t registering at first. IMC did a great job, it was a really fun event.

Chad Carrier & Bernie Deal of Big Mess with IMC Award

Chad Carrier — We didn’t even think to have a speech we just winged it…(laughs)

Bernie Deal —IMC did a great job. It was a fun night!

Your new album “I Am American”, doesn’t seem real political one way or the other, where’d the inspiration for the title originate?

Chad Carrier —Yeah, it was more like, be proud to be an American, laugh at the funny things. That title really just kinda jumped out at us when we began looking at all the songs as a whole. After looking at it like that, we all agreed that track would be a great title for the album

Bernie Deal — We wrote that song and thought of the way the world was going, you know its like, it’s okay, be proud to be an American.

Visit the Big Mess homepage for Sneak Peak and free download

I listened to the new track “DMV” song over at your website. I bet a lot of Americans can relate to that song….funny stuff!

Bernie Deal — Exactly, the trials and tribulations you have to go through to be an American.[laughter]

So what’s next for you guys? Tour plans?

Chad Carrier — We’re having our album release party on May 11th at Sainte Rocke in Hermosa Beach California. Then we’re booked to play shows through August.

Bernie Deal —We’re playing mostly ‘fly in and fly out’ shows across the west coast, including a second release party in Las Vegas. We’re working on some things after that, stay tuned.

Chad Carrier —The Las Vegas release party is on May 28th..and Iggy Pop plays the night before so, party weekend! Everyone is invited to come join us!

Thanks guys and good luck with the new album.. see ya down the road!

Who is Big Mess?

Chad Carrier (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) Original member of Easter, a pioneer of the 80’s Southern Cal Punk sound. Also former member of The Shillaly Brothers, who were nominated for an Academy Award for motion picture “White Irish Drinkers”

John Garber (Guitar and Vocals) No stranger to the L.A. music scene, his credits include rock and roll and great songwriting

Bernie Deal (Drums) Also comes in with a punk rock background. He’s a musicians’ drummer and can go from rock to metal to funk. Bernie first made a name for himself playing with The Blob

Dave Carradi (Guitar) A veteran guitarist who has played with many top level bands like Danny Dean and The Homewreckers and Easter

Big Mess “I Am American” — 12 brand new songs

Including a salute to the Ramones with “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

FREE!!!!!!! — — Visit The Big Mess website for a sneak peek listen to “I Am American” and FREE Download of their new single “DMV”

Visit the Big Mess homepage for Sneak Peak and free download

Photo Credit — Big Mess

See ya on the road — — Safe Travels!

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