Heavy Rainier Fog Rolling in with Alice in Chains!

(Left to Right) Mike Inez-Bass, William DuVall-Vocals/Guitar, Sean Kinney-Drums, Jerry Cantrell-Guitar/Vocals

It’s a Monday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No where near Mt. Rainier, but that’s where we caught up with Alice in Chains on tour supporting the August 2018 release of their newest album, “Rainier Fog”.

The Brady Theater


We arrived a couple hours before showtime to find music fans of all ages wrapped around the historic Brady Theater in downtown Tulsa. All patiently awaiting the venue to open its doors for the sold out Alice in Chains show.

On a Monday? In Tulsa?

We took the opportunity to speak with several fans outside. Many having traveled from neighboring states to see the show. Most excited to see the band early in the tour and getting to hear new tracks from Rainier Fog played live.

William DuVall — Sean Kinney


The band didn’t disappoint!

Playing a collection of fan favorites and new tracks Never Fade, Red Giant, So Far Under & The One You Know. If the crowd response to the high energy live performance (on a Monday in Oklahoma!) is any indication, then Rainier Fog has cleared the right path for Alice in Chains. Looks and sounds like they climbed that big Washington State mountain, then came down through the fog reinvigorated and ready to rock.

Okay Okay don’t worry, Not going to make this a long winded article covering three decades of Alice in Chains history or try to write a paragraph on each song from the setlist….yawnn…. I’m sure you can find plenty of those elsewhere. I will say, it’s your loss if you miss this band on this tour. This just feels like one of those tours that you don’t want to miss.


And hey, If Alice in Chains can put out that much energy and pump up the crowd that much on a Monday in Tulsa, then I’m in. No matter where they play!


William DuVall-Vocals/Guitar, Sean Kinney-Drums

Go see them on this tour! Thank me later…

Great crowd reaction at Tulsa’s Brady Theater


Alice in Chains is —

Jerry Cantrell — Guitar / Vocals

William DuVall — Guitar / Vocals

Mike Inez — Bass Guitar

Sean Kinney — Drums

Fast Facts  

The RAINIER FOG title is a tribute to their hometown area of Seattle/Tacoma, Washington.

RAINIER FOG is Alice in Chains’ sixth studio album and the third with DuVall

A majority of RAINIER FOG was recorded at Seattle’s famous Studio X. Originally owned by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, previously known as Bad Animals Studio.

Photo Courtesy Studio X

Studio X has recorded some of the most influencial artists and albums over the past three decades, including Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, REM, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Dave Matthews, Neil Young and others. This is also the studio where Alice in Chains recorded their 1995 self-titled Alice In Chains LP.

RAINIER FOG track , “Never Fade”, was co-written by DuVall and Cantrell during the Rainier Fog recording sessions at Studio X. The song is a tribute to DuVall’s grandmother , Layne Staley, and Chris Cornell.

You’re never far away, I always see you~
And when it all goes dark you light my way through~

For more Alice in Chains info please visit —http://aliceinchains.com

Listen to Alice in Chains ~ Rainier Fog here

See ya on the road — Safe Travels!

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