Photos from the Straats of Amsterdam, Netherlands

A Photographer’s Disneyland

I’ve visited many cities, but few ignite and fire up the genetic glitch that pushes me to look through the viewfinder more than when in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The city has inspired generations of artists of all kinds. Today is no different.

I’ve literally stood on streets, turned 360 degrees, and seen something I’d like to photograph at every angle. Amsterdam is a photographers Disneyland, Super Model, World Series Champ, and Christmas Morning all rolled into one.. and she likes her photo taken!!!

Some of my favorite days have been those just wondering around the streets of this amazing city with just my camera and time to get lost. When asked about it, I usually say, “It’s like walking around inside a giant museum, but it’s a city! You just have to go, I can’t explain it well enough in words for you to understand.”

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I’ll let the city captured through my viewfinder say the rest…

The Pannenkoekenhais (The Pancake House), made famous by the Beastie Boys lyrics in Super Disco Breaking

Beastie Boys — (Super Disco Breakin)

Sometimes I like to brag, sometimes I’m soft spoken

When I’m in Holland I eat the Pannenkoeken

You cannot go to The Netherlands without trying a fresh Stroopwaffel and smelling the amazing tulips

This was actually an accidental fire of the shutter…. later I thought it looked kinda cool.

All Photos — By Michael Young

See ya on the road — — Safe Travels!

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