We head to Seattle for SubPop Records 30th Anniversary

Mudhoney Headlining SubPop’s 30th Annivarsary Party at West Seattle’s Alki Beach

August 11, 2018 — Seattle, Washington

A celebration 30 years in the making! We take you to SPF30 (Sub Pop Festival 30) Sub Pop Records 30th Anniversary party at West Seattle’s Alki Beach. The three day beach festival was headlined by legends of the “Seattle Sound” or “Grunge Movement”, Mudhoney. The band took to the main stage just before sunset, as music fans of all ages filled the surrounding streets and beach area.

Mudhoney — Mark Arm & Steve Turner

Quick Sub Pop Records History

It’s the late 80’s in Seattle Washington, Bruce Pavitt is publishing a small Music Fanzine each month named Subterranean Pop, later shortened to Sub Pop.

The popularity of “Sub Pop” fanzine guided Bruce to release Sub Pop’s first LP. The first was a the compilation entitled “Sub Pop 100″ featuring Sonic Youth, Naked Raygun, Wipers, and Scratch Acid.

“Compilation 100″ was followed by the release Green River’s — Dry as a Bone EP — (Former Green River members would later form the bands Mudhoney and Pearl Jam.)

In 1987, Pavitt took on a partner in Jonathan Poneman, Poneman provided $20K for Sub Pop to release Soundgarden’s dubut single “Hunted Down”/”Nothing to Say”, followed by the band’s first EP Screaming Life.

In November 1988 Sub Pop released “Love Buzz”, the debut single by an Aberdeen, Washington band named Nirvana.

Within a couple of years Sub Pop had released recordings by Green River (Who’s members would go on to form Pearl Jam and Mudhoney), Soundgarden & Nirvana. The Seattle Sound was born!!!

I see Music Fans!

SPF30 Banner showing line-up at 4 different stages at Alki Beach

Mudhoney takes the stage

Mark Arm — Founding member Vocalist/Guitar for Green River and Mudhoney

Mudhoney (Left) Bassist Guy Maddison, Guy has been with Mudhoney since the departue of Matt Lukin in 2001, Drummer Dan Peters & Vocalist Mark Arm

Mudhoney — (Left to Right)- Bassist Guy Maddison, Vocalist Mark Arm, Guitarist Steve Turner

Guitarist Steve Turner — Founding member of Green River and Mudhoney

Guitarist Steve Turner — Founding member of Green River and Mudhoney

Great day for music fans

Pardon me, excuse me… I just wanna burger!!

Mark Arm — Founding member and vocalist of Green River & Mudhoney

Music fans of all ages enjoying a day at the beach

Mother Nature provided the perfect day

Check out SubPop’s 30th anniversary Playlist at — http://apple.co/SPF30


All Photos — By Michael Young

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