Dorothy, Spirit Animal and local support take the ‘Freedom Tour’ to new heights:

Dorothy’s ‘Freedom Tour’ wraps up this week in Los Angeles. The 30-date trek across North America included supporters, Spirit Animal and a handful of local acts. We were on hand in Boston, and it was absolutely “Flawless”.

“We all want to be someone On top, number one But I’ll take what I get, and I’ll make the most of it ‘Cause I know I’m not just someone.” (Spirit Animal)
*Pictured: Tour openers Carissa Johnson and Spirit Animal

“Who do you love when your love’s runs dry?” (Dorothy)

“We are stars” (Dorothy)

“Freedom on my mind”

Catch Dorothy on tour this summer with Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle. Tickets are on sale now. For more information visit:

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Produced by: Jeff Gorra
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