By: Pro Photographer Anthony Frisketti. Featuring: Def Leppard, Candlebox & Kiss

I’ve been doing photography on and off for 30 years. Starting with a manual focus 35mm SLR and developing my own B&W prints. I learned the importance of composition and framing early on when I did a lot of abstract and landscape work — this carried through my later cosplay shoots.

I feel that I bring those skills and artistic eye to my concert photography. I find it very exciting to combine those elements with movements and emotions of the performers while capturing the excitement and energy. All while trying to be in the right position at the right time. Every show is different and you never know what the situation is going to be until you get there. It is never boring.

Picking favorite photos is very difficult. These are not necessarily my three “best,” but I believe they each make a statement, or perhaps ask a question.

Photo By: Anthony Frisketti

Joe Elliot, Def Leppard. Jones Beach, NY. July 11th, 2015

Initially what I like about this shot is the way the singer is positioned in the frame, with his arms spread and right hand in the forefront, giving him an exaggerated larger than life feel. On second inspection, there is the perception of the crowd, you can see the excited fans cheering him on and another photographer shooting him. But mere feet away, he goes unnoticed by another photographer and the crowd. This is because they are focused on Phil Collin, with the same excitement. The same moment, only a few feet away, but people are experiencing it differently, as if were all living out own reality.

That’s what I love about photography, I get to show MY reality of a particular situation. This shot captures multiple realities in one frame.

Nikon D4, 24–70 2.8, f/2.8, 1/320

Photo By: Anthony Frisketti

Kevin Martin, Candlebox The Paramount, Huntington NY. September 21, 2016

I love the emotion in this shot, I can feel the longing, from the expression on Kevin’s face, to his body language. The shapes and cool tones in the background give it a dream like quality. There’s just enough detail in the crowd on the balcony to add to the dream but not to distract from the image.

Nikon D4, 24–70 2.8, f/3.5, 1/400

Photo By: Anthony Frisketti

Paul Stanley, KISS, Webster Bank Arena, CT. September 7, 2016

I feel there is power in this photo. Paul’s piercing gaze seems to look right through you. This is echoed in his body language, accented by his guitar and highlighted by the straight streams of light on the ceiling.

Nikon D4, 24–70 2.8, f/3.5, 1/250

~Anthony Frisketti

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