The Mesmerizing & Inspiring Art of the “off beat” Park

Laumeier Sculpture Park — “EYE”

EYE — 2007 -Artist- TONY TASSET (USA 1960)
fiberglass, resin, oil paint, steel-452 inches circumference
Laumeier Sculpture Park Commission, with funds from the Mark Twain Laumeier Endowment Fund

Through this gigantic, blue eyeball, Tasset creates tension as the sculpture stares — larger than life — across the landscape and back at the viewer. Modeled after Tasset’s own eye, the never- blinking, constantly conscious piece watches over Laumeier day and night. The human eye is simultaneously unique, individual and emblematic; by focusing on a key part of the body, Tasset speaks to a commonality among us, addressing how we engage and perceive each other while concurrently asserting a prophetic, perhaps even omniscient, presence.

Covering 116 acres, The Laumeier Sculpture Park is a living laboratory where artists and audiences explore the relationship between contemporary art and the natural environment.

The park’s largest and most prominent sculpture, “The Way”, was built by 
Alexander Liberman in 1980.

Richard Hunt’s Tower Hybrid, 1979, captures movement and emotion as it penetrates space with its sharp angular forms emerging from a heavy COR-TEN steel cube. An African-American sculptor, Hunt is influenced by elements of Cubism and Surrealism

Mark di Suvero’s monumental steel composition, Bornibus, 1985–87, dominates the Museum Lawn as if having broken out of the confines of the museum interior. Having a background in building construction, the use of a crane allowed di Suvero to approach the installation in a more organic and expressive way, permitting him to guide and articulate the balance and tension of the heavy metal shapes.

JONATHAN BOROFSKY Man with Briefcase at #2968443, 1986 -The number inscribed on this man insinuates sinister overtones and associations with concentration camp victims, soldiers’ dog tags and the series of numbers now identifying individuals in a technological society.

The park has a relaxing and safe atmosphere. Explore the park at your own pace to enjoy the many amazing artistic creations spread throughout the park.

Paths throughout the park lead you to some amazing art displays

Relaxing Atmosphere to Explore the Park

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