The ultimate hype men.

A podcast is great for a long run, a casual conversation does the trick on a hike with your boo, but there’s no substitute for a good playlist while you’re raging against life’s misgivings with a kettle bell. Here’s my list, maybe you’ll find it useful or at least get some ideas from it. Whatever you’re listening to just be happy you don’t have to balance a “Discman” on your chest during a set anymore.

Warm Up…Let’s get this mother goin’

Gary Clark Jr.-Bright Lights Gary Clark gives you the right amount of edge and melody to get your ass in gear. If you’re in NYC, this song may be a bad starting point because you might want to throw on a cool jacket and belly up at the nearest dive bar. Woke up in New York City lying on the floor…”

Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive You can’t argue with science. This song has been proven to be one of the most effective in getting your heart rate elevated. I defy anyone to not shake it when this song comes on. Your pace will undoubtedly change.

Bill Withers-Use Me This one just feels good.

Set Up…Establish your presence with authority

Set your floor plan to these two songs. Set up your circuit/exercise and get ready to go.

Foo Fighters –Rope

Adrian Lux- Teenage Crime

The Main Event…Rocky to Center Ring

The next few also double in the pinch if you have to…

· Quit your job

· Give someone a piece of your mind

· Negotiate anything

· Walk through a dangerous neighborhood

· Audition for a New York episodic for a cop/mobster role (This is tested and true)

TV on the Radio– Wolf Like Me “When the moon is round and full gonna bust that box, gotta gut that fish…” Charles Bukowski’s walking tunes.

Drake-Started From The Bottom

Dropkick Murphy’s-Shipping up to Boston (Alternative use) I don’t condone it, but if you’re in a bar fight have someone put this on especially if you have no shot at winning -spinach to Popeye.

Audioslave- Cochise “Well, I’ve been watching, while you’ve been coughing, I’ve been drinking life while you’ve been nauseous and so I drink to health while you kill yourself And I’ve got just one thing that I can offer…” This is responsible for many of the few milestones I’ve hit in the gym and some of the positive outcomes from the bulleted list from earlier.

Soundgarden-The Day I Tried to Live Trust Cornell

Black Keys-Sinister Kid “Drop dead sprint from the day he’s born straight into his maker’s arms…”

Audioslave- Set It Off ”Set this fucker off” Pissed, triumphant, reckless, and ready to go. It’s how I want to feel at the end of a workout.

Cool down…Heart rate drops, eyebrows unfurrow, back to human

Spoon- I Turn My Camera On

Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know? “The nights are made to say things we can’t say tomorrow day” Along with my cool down this song should be used as a very long pick up line…not a cheesy one…one that works…The Don Draper of songs. It’s melodic and makes you want to clean yourself up, strap it on, and hit the town in with subtle confidence as your wingman.

Dean Martin-King of the Road Not sure if Dean Martin ever went to the gym and I don’t care. He’s cool, this song is great, and it mellows me out while I am trying to stretch in ways that are uncomfortable.

Full List:

Gary Clark Jr.-Bright Lights

Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive

Bill Withers-Use Me

Foo Fighters –Rope

Adrian Lux- Teenage Crime

TV on the Radio- Wolf Like Me

Drake-Started From the Bottom

Dropkick Murphy’s-Shipping Up to Boston

Audioslave- Cochise

Soundgarden-The Day I Tried to Live

Audioslave- Set It Off

Spoon- I Turn My Camera On

Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know?

Dean Martin- King of the Road

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