Reflections of a Sound:

On this day in 1997, Silverchair released their second studio record, Freak Show – the follow-up to their mega debut, Frogstomp.

Over a 16-year span, Silverchair released a very diverse mix of five records which have now sold over nine million copies worldwide. They are one of the most renowned Australian bands of all time having won 21 ARIA Awards – (more than any other artist in history) and all five of their studio albums have made it to #1 in Australia, which remains a national record (Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel have had four #1 records, ACDC, INXS and Crowded House have each had three). Frontman, Daniel Johns was the first person to ever win the prestigious APRA “Songwriter of the Year Award” on three separate occasions. With the band’s “indefinite hibernation” it can be argued that that later years were their most successful – thanks in-part to the melodious rocker that was “Straight Lines” and winning six ARIA awards in 2007.

Today we find ourselves thinking about this power trio from Newcastle. Though we never do rankings (nor is this one), perhaps we are still in countdown mode given it’s technically still January. So, here are six times Silverchair simply blew us away.

Breathing from a hole in my lung…

Rock in Rio 2001:

The band’s only official show of 2001 and one of the last in full support of Neon Ballroom as it was a year before the Diorama era. This was a blistering 13 song set before an ocean-sized crowd. Frogstomp producer, Kevin Shirley named this show as his most memorable live Silverchair moment, recalling Johns being so exhausted after stepping off stage and then gleefully falling to the floor in the dressing room.

MTV Awards atop the Radio City Music Hall Marquee 1995:

Not even a year into the rocket ship that was Frogstomp and three 15-year-olds are ascended above 6th avenue ripping “Tomorrow”. Crowds line the streets as a typical New York City traffic flow, filled with yellow cabs ensues beneath. Unique camera angles have the viewer looking up to the band – an appropriate symmetry as this song still claims its well-deserved place on rock radio stations everywhere.

The Collection of Rarities:

On-album rockers like “Point of View” with a thunderous chorus, “Black Tangled Heart” dripping with feeling, “Shade” with the gnarly rasp, “Petrol and Chlorine” you know just what I mean, “Tuna In the Brine” with an ending that still gives me chills all the way through, “Those Thieving Birds” with an entire Broadway play wrapped into seven-plus minutes.

And off-album, I’m talking about the “Asylum” and “Ramble” tracks of the world – the hidden gems amongst a catalog full of shining moments. “Asylum” live with Johns sitting behind the piano was something to behold. And “Ramble” a more rare within the rarities, is a catchy melody wave from the opening note to the last.

“Without You” live on Rove 2002:

As an intro to the masterpiece that is Diorama, the band performs the instant classic “Without You” with “Freak” and “Anthem For The Year 2000” tagged at the end. Johns absolutely nails the final “youuuuuu” and guitar outro while Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies pound an earth-shaking foundation. This resembled the cracked open door on the Diorama album cover – like a peak into the sonic magic that awaits.

Groovin’ The Moo Tour “Ana’s Song” 2010:

It’s simply hard to put to words how mesmerizing the 2010 live version of “Ana’s Song” was. The Groovin’ the Moo tour, was the last official run the band would embark on. Here, we are treated to a proper crowd-participating send-off with “Ana’s Song” serving as the cornerstone of emotion. It somehow represented the entire fortitude-filled journey of Silverchair. That is unless…of course…there’s is a sixth time to add to this list… still TBD,