Can you hear? Are we clear?
Cleared for lift off, takeoff
For making reverberations
Are we affirmative? No, negatory
Come in, come in, radio, what’s your story?
Are you Oscar Kilo? Will you Wilco?
Are you ready for a bit of
A bit of Juliett, Golf?
Feeling wider than awake…

(if you know, you know😉, ‘invincible’ by eddie vedder)

I woke the same as any other day… and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Chris Cornell. So, let’s start there.

Usually at Artist Waves, we publish some sort of unique tribute this week in Cornell’s honor. I felt… if it’s going to be done this year, it has to be something different. But not now. Instead for the 5th anniversary, I’ll let the songs do the talking. And then maybe it will feel right. Besides, I only have one thing to say.

I did reminisce with this article late last night. You see, writing was the reason I launched AW in the first place. Cornell had something to do with that. Profoundly. His words still deeply inspire me and I really don’t see that changing. Words…

The past two years, due to pandemic circumstances – writing melted down into a hot lava. As I stirred it, I noticed it transforming into other content engagement methods like live stream interviews. A three-season, 60 episode program to be exact. So I “built” a home studio, where the likes of Willie Geist, pro athletes, Incubus, sportscasters and more tapped in via Instagram and talked about their inspiring crafts. Really, with zero prep – I (and I think you/them) were seeking engagement and connections with those we call our people. You were always invited.

Along the way to the present day, I’ve gotten cautious about the passion of music. I was wrecked about Taylor Hawkins. Damnit. Now, concerts are back, new music is out in abundance and there’s an ocean full of melody notes, yet I’m opting to start by just dipping my toe in the water. Perhaps, this here is evolving to skimming my foot over rails. We all walk the long road.

I’m going back to where and why it all began. Cornell’s legacy, thinking about that article, the Pearl Jam lyric, “We were but stones, your light made us stars”, Daniel Johns, and the work of my friend Tom Pugh from Given To Live have taken me by the shoulders and provided a spark in my fascination. There’s a future in need of a frame. Respectfully~

Keep your eyes on the road. And keep the moment alive

These Are A Few Of My (recent) Favorite Things:

The new Jack White (all the things), Zane Lowe Apple Music interviews, Greg Olsen’s podcast, that Eminem was elected into the R&R hall, “I Look Good” by O.T. Genasis, Jay Glazer’s book, Yola music, graffiti art, that surf season is coming, Amos Lee’s “Worry No More”, the next feature I have on our ‘How Music Inspires My Life‘ sports column, and these pieces:⬇️

A human being that was Given To… Fly🕊️
Two years after his application, Reece, who is tackling Glut1, is taken to see Pearl Jam in Oakland with Given to Live. He received surprise gifts from the band and a promise kept from GTL, leading to an unforgettable experience. If there’s anything to read within here.. it’s this

I LOVE the Premier Lacrosse League. It’s creative and inspiring youth around the globe. There is 100% an ART to what they do.
With Max Adler, from the reigning PLL champion team, Chaos – we discuss. 

photo courtesy of Max Adler.

I’ll be at the Boston Calling festival over Memorial Day weekend. Conducting interviews and creating some fun pieces with both AW and the Boston Globe. See ya so soon.

“We got the heavens, we got the earth and in between we got big surf.”