Art, articles, a collaboration, and the return of AW Live.

So, where ya been?

Are you stuck in the middle
A spectral invisible ghost
I’m here juxtaposed…” ~ (Comes Then Goes / Pearl Jam/ Vedder)

You may (or may not) have noticed there’s been very limited Artist Waves activity the past six months. Two posted articles – one from September of 2021, the other from October, a few retweets, the occasional Instagram post, zero love on Facebook, and zero interviews. 

There’s been a bunch of graffiti art though!

Ha. In all seriousness, I had to take time to get some priorities straight. That meant letting the AW outlet lie while other focuses deservingly jumped the line. It goes without saying – it’s been a wild, chaotic, and immensely challenging two years. But it’s also been enlightening. A chance to soul-search, recalibrate your perspectives, and dig deep into all-around health. I like to think that’s what I’ve tried to do. 

Along the way, I was pleasantly surprised by a new podcast called “Who is Daniel Johns”. I took it with me on walks, surfing, and literally everywhere else I went. It resonated so deeply and it sounds cliché, but it really changed my 2021 life. It allowed me to breathe in salt air, smile, attack, and take a moment to appreciate three huge AW milestones from the past year – the Levitate Music Fest short film, Pearl Jam’s 30th tribute (which they shared everywhere!) and hitting our fifth anniversary.

This podcast was simply the truth. Sharing the real-life experiences of the legendary Silverchair frontman – who has overcome a lot through deep-rooted belief in himself.

I think about it now and can still feel the emotion of inhaling the cold salt air the sparked this notion of – “you’re reinventing yourself, it’s so hard, but you’re doing it.”

But when you reinvent yourself – perhaps you’re really just finding your true self.

I cut my long hair.

Now here I am, the first week of February and the creative itch is back. I don’t know what that means, but I do know that in addition to allocating time elsewhere, I really didn’t have much to say OCT-JAN… which is another reason why AW didn’t get a lot my attention. Though the logo was not at my fingertips, it was in my heart and mind. It always has been since 2016.

To get to the point – here is what I have brewing. Some of these items are about to happen while others are simply a planted seed:

 ~ The return of Artist Waves Live, our Instagram interview show. One episode per week with an interview guest on Thursday evenings and under a sub-moniker of “Thursday Night Lights”. I’ll be expanding the variety of guests, and hope to have a slightly different flavor to the overall format. 

~ Eddie Vedder’s new solo record Earthling comes out on Friday, February 11th. I have many things to say about that. Seems like the appropriate return article.

~ Since December of 2021, I have collaborated with Boston Globe Media on an new interview series. These are videos, where I am behind the scenes, and the musician’s story is the focal point. More to come, but we already filmed with David Shaw of the Revivalists and have Emily King coming up next.

~ Lastly, I’ve really indulged in and enjoyed the mess that is graffiti art the past few months. It’s been a savior in calming the mind while letting the creative juices flow. I’ve always loved making original art from other art. And there’s something so gratifying about the aftermath visual of florescent ink stuck on your hands. 

That’s it for now. Thank you for being here. Talk soon?!
~ Jeff